One Minute Vinyl Record Bowls


When I started looking for ideas for the 80’s party I came across bowls made from vinyl records.  They were so neat and I knew they’d be perfect to serve the snacks in!  All the tutorials I found showed you how to bake them slowly in the oven until they melt enough to be formed into a bowl shape.  I knew I needed to come up with a faster way since I was going to make several and finally decided to experiment with dipping them in boiling water.  Wow!  It worked great and I was able to turn out 7 of them in less than 15 minutes!  It actually took longer for the water to boil then it did to make the actual records!  Here’s the quick step by step process:

1.  Bring a LARGE pot of water to a boil.  My husband actually set up a little cooking area for me on our back patio using our propane camp stove and large canning pan.

2.  Using a pair of tongs, carefully place the record in the boiling water.

3.  Let it “cook” for a few seconds.  You will discover that it takes no time at all to soften enough to be able to be formed into a bowl.

4.  Using tongs, remove the record and quickly place it inside a large bowl to help shape it.  Use the tongs or a wooden spoon to form the ridges.  If you don’t like the design place it back into the water until it softens and then try it again!

5.  Place on a towel to dry and repeat.  Once your water boils it will seriously take about a minute per bowl to make!

Don’t those look so cool?  I love the way they turned out and especially love that they are all different shapes!   Want to know the best part about the whole project?  They cost me just 25 cents a piece to make thanks to another one of my dad’s garage sale finds!

Here are some tips I discovered as I was making them:

1.  Try to find records that are “thin”.  One of the records I tried was noticeably thicker than the others and it wouldn’t soften as well so after several attempts to get it to form into a bowl I ended up throwing it out.

2.  You will need to work FAST once you pull the record out of the water.  I was amazed at how quickly they started to set up once they began to cool.  An extra pair of hands would be helpful (thanks to my mom for helping me out on this project!)

3.  Make sure to put a napkin  in the bowl before placing the food inside.

Let me know if you try to make one of these bowls.  I’d love to hear how yours turns out!




  1. You forgot to share the fun snacks you filled them with, which your guests enjoyed (I was one of them). You are SO creative!!!

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