Electric Pressure Cooker ~ Baby Back Ribs

I received an electric pressure cooker for Christmas and was skeptical at first.  I viewed it as just another large appliance that I would have to store and use on rare occasions.  After several months I can honestly say I LOVE IT!!  It’s been fun trying to find recipes for it and it’s been a big time saver when it comes to cooking so many things including rice and frozen chicken breasts.  One of our favorite recipes is this one for Baby Back Ribs.  It is so simple and delicious that we have them at least once a month!

1 Lg rack of ribs
BBQ seasoning
2 Cups BBQ sauce
1 Cup of water

Cut the rack of ribs in half and sprinkle both sides generously with the BBQ seasoning.  Place ribs side by side in the pressure cooker then pour in water and BBQ sauce.  Set the timer to 25 minutes (you may need to cook an extra 5 minutes if you have extra meaty ribs).  It will take approximately 10 minutes to pressurize.  When the timer goes off, manually release the pressure.

Perfect ribs in about 35 minutes!  You can’t beat that!




  1. I made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious! I used a different brand electric 8 qt. pressure cooker, but I don’t know if that mattered. I made some adjustments for my family. I used pork spareribs (it was on sale..lol), I used the bottled bbq seasoning, I added cumin, chili powder, crushed flakes, a small bit of celery seeds for a rub, diced onions, which I added a little oil and sautéed in the cooker, before I added the ribs and I used a cup of chicken broth instead of water. The last change was I used 2 sauces as a blend. I used about 12 oz Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce (give or take) and about 4 – 8 oz of Bullseye bbq sauce (Memphis style) and a few shakes of worcestershire. Because I used spare ribs (larger than back ribs), I pre-cut them into 3 ribs for one portion. I set the electronic button (mine has a ribs button). The automatic button set for 25 mins and suggested set for add’l 5 minutes if needed. I realize I added a lot of items that were not necessary, just personal preference. The only thing I might change next time is to very quickly brown the ribs with the onions at the start and remove the ribs, after I rubbed the other ingredients. I have not had my pressure cooker very long, so I’ve been just searching recipes and trying them out. Thank you for sharing your recipe and directions. It was a GREAT guide. :)

  2. I love cooking ribs in the pressure cooker too, when they are done I put them on a cookie sheet under the broiler for about 5 mins. It gives them a nice browned finish I also do chicken wings like this.

  3. Hi, just wondering if you have more recipes. I got one too and have been searching for recipes. Thanks.
    These ribs be made soon, 3 boys, LOVE ribs

  4. DO you use the rack that came with the pressure cooker or just out the ribs directly in it?

  5. How did you do your chicken wings? Did them today for first time and they were tasty but fell all apart

  6. I’m trying it right now I’m so excited!!!!

  7. It is great. You can brown the ribs in PC. For extra sauce and crunch place in broiler add sauce and cook for 5 minutes. Either way this recipe rocks.

  8. Sounds like a bunch of us are rediscovering our moms and grandmas pressure cooker days! I too have just received mine and I am searching for new recipies. When you try one let us know what you thought so we can figure out which ones to try?

  9. I just got mine. I’ve never used one before. My husbands idea, his mom used hers all the time!
    I’m trying ribs first. Fingers crossed they turn out as good as they sound.

  10. First time using my pressure cooker and ribs were at the top of the list. I loosely followed your recipe and they turned out great.

    I added some Sriracha and Worcestershire to the mix and instead of a full cup of water I used a half cup and a half cup of apple cider vinegar.

    After I pulled the ribs out of the cooker I mixed some flower into the drippings to make it a bit thicker and slathered it onto the ribs. Then threw them onto the grill for a few minutes.

    Friggin delicious. The cooker is gonna pay for itself in savings from not having to buy as much propane.

  11. Cally Frey says:

    Just got my pressure cooker and made mac & cheese. It was great. Going to go for the ribs tonight. I’m only one person and I must cut recipes down. How do I adjust the time.
    Is there a book or a guide to go by. Would appreciate any helpful tips.
    Thank Cally

    • I looked online at time adjustments as I wanted to double a recipe. The warm-up time to get to high pressure may change a little bit online said the cook time would stay the same for double!

  12. What size pressure cooker did you use? Will a 6 qt work? Thanks

  13. Carolsue says:

    I cooked mine (3 lbs. baby back) with apple juice and liquid smoke with the ribs on a trivet. But I am going to try it this way next time! I pre-heated the liquid, cooked on high pressure for about 19 minutes, then did a natural release which was about 20 mins. That came out perfect. THEN I put them in the oven, slathered with BBQ sauce, for 5 mins on 425 degrees. I looked up recipes for baby back ribs in the pressure cooker and every one was slightly different, so it will be fun experimenting!

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