Grandparent’s Day Gift

I love Grandparent’s Day!  I think it’s because my parents waited a LONG time to have grandkids and it’s fun to honor them on this special day!  I always give homemade gifts and find plenty of ideas on Pinterest.  This year, however, I came up with my own idea. For the past couple of months the girls have been obsessed with playing dress up.  Whether it’s dressing up in their princess dresses and shoes or putting together their own inspired creations straight from their closets, they have provided me with plenty of picture taking opportunities.  I thought it would be fun to make a “fashion catalog” of all their outfits to give to the grandparents.  I started with a simple 24 page photo album from Wal-Mart then used Pic Monkey to create the cover and printed out all the pictures.  The catalog was done in no time!  It was a simple, inexpensive gift that provided lots of laughs and will be good for bribes as the girls get older!

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