Electric Pressure Cooker ~ Chicken & Bowtie Pasta Alfredo

I’m discovering that I really like to make pasta dishes in my electric pressure cooker.  Besides being super fast, I also have just one pan to clean up!  No pasta pot and strainer and skillet!  I love it!  Here is a quick pasta dish you can throw together in no time at all!  Just 4 easy ingredients and dinner is ready!  Feel free to use whatever pasta you prefer.  And substitute other frozen veggies such as broccoli for the peas if you’d like.  Just make sure to add a couple minutes of cooking time at the end so the broccoli is cooked through!

2 cups diced chicken (cooked or uncooked)
1 12 oz box of dried pasta
3 cups water
Salt to taste
1 16 oz jar Alfredo sauce
1 12 oz bag of frozen peas

If using uncooked chicken, place in the bottom of the cooker and cook on “brown” mode for a few minutes until almost done.  For this step I leave the lid off and cook the chicken in the bottom of the pot just like I was cooking it in a skillet on the stove.  Next, pour in the box of noodles and water then add salt to taste. Give everything a quick stir then close and lock the lid and cook for 8 minutes. When the cooking time is up do a quick pressure release and remove lid. Drain any excess water if necessary then stir in the jar of Alfredo sauce and bag of peas. If using cooked chicken, go ahead and add it at this stage. Replace lid and set to low temp cooking for 5 minutes or until peas are cooked and sauce is warmed through.  Stir together and serve!


  1. scottie davis says:

    Do you drain all the water out of the pot after the pasta is done and then add your Alfredo?

    • Yes, if there is any excess water I drain it before I add the sauce. Usually there isn’t too much excess so I just take a ladle and remove it that way without having to remove the pot and pour into a strainer.

      • Hi! we have the same pressure cooker but I can’t seem to figure out how to lower the amount of time. When I select cook time, it goes to 15. I’m not sure how to lower it to 8? Can you help? Thank you!


        • Kerianne says:

          I would love to know the answer to this question too….

        • There’s a (+) and a (- ) on the front, just press until it’s set at the proper time!

        • Depending on the make that you have sometimes selecting something like the “Fish” option will give you a lower starting time. Versus the meat selection that starts at 15. Then you can add minutes to the fish selection.

        • On my cooker just keep pushing the time adjust button and it will eventually max out and start at the lower minutes. Do this after you press a cook button. Hope this helps!

          • Thanks for the tip, Jim! Hubs just bought me one for Christmas and mine doesn’t have + and – buttons so couldn’t figure it out.

            Sheri, I am planning on making this recipe tonight (minus peas because my family sucks lol) and was happy to see that it uses the same cooker I have. Others seem to have different instructions and I have a hard time figuring them out for this because I’m so new at it. I had an old pressure cooker that I threw out a few years ago and was excited over the new digital ones. I feel much safer. Thanks for the recipe!

        • Split_timer says:

          You must quickly hit adjust button then the + or – control. My manual said 10 seconds to make the change but my experience seems more like under 5 seconds before it is too late.

        • Same here ?

  2. A friend sent your site . Can I please join.

  3. Yarrenbool says:

    Thanks for posting this recipe. Just a small request, could you say what size a “box” of pasta is please? I buy in very big 5 kg bags, I’m pretty sure you don’t mean one of those :-) Same goes for a “jar” , sauce comes in a couple of different size jars in this area. And the same for “bag”, we have at least three (3) different sizes of bags of frozen peas!

    I know this is a bit of a bother but it does show how much we’d like to make your Chicken & Pasta Alfredo recipe.?.

    Thanks again for posting it, hope we will see the sizes included.

    • Yarrenbool says:

      Oops, not that is embarrassing! As soon as I posted my msg I saw you did have the size of the box of pasta! Really sorry about that.

  4. How long should I cook with raw chicken, 3 jars of 15 oz alfredo sauce and 2 lbs of linguine?

    • Yarrenbool says:

      Khamla, as it says in the recipe, you’ve sautéed the raw chicken “until almost done”.

      When cooking pasta in an electric pressure cooker you add just enough liquid to barely cover the pasta. If using commercial bottled pasta sauce then it’s half bottled sauce and half water. Then cook, after the PC has come to full pressure, for a very small amount more than half the time recommended on the box of pasta. If the package of pasta says cook for 7 minutes, then cook for 4. After the number of minutes let it do a natural pressure release for 10 minutes or so before doing a valve release. There should be no extra liquid to drain off and throw away IF you have used the correct proportions of liquid/sauce to pasta, the pasta will have absorbed all the extra liquid leaving you with just the right amount of sauce.

      **My experience is all with the Canadian brand “Instant Pot”, I have the IP-Smart-60 model.**

  5. Linda Veres says:

    Love your recipes n pressure cooking I have an instant pot and just learning. Thanks!!

  6. I just bought a pressure cooker can you please share more recipes?

  7. Finally getting to try this. Is the last 5 minutes under pressure? I’m thinking not? Thanks!

    • Did you find out the answer to this? I’m new to the IP. Didn’t know what to do those last 5 minutes. Sauté on low just to warm through? Soup setting?

  8. That’s some great recipe, I tried to make same but I used a bit more water so got little messy but tasted well . It was delicious! I am making more and more and got total confident now . that was really great help about recipe . thanks!

  9. Love your recipes, tips and tricks! Thank you! I just received mine for Xmas and live experimenting!

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  11. Angela Zamora says:

    Hi Sheri;

    You say for the last 5 minutes to put on low. What does that mean exactly? Is there a low setting?

    Thank you.

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